‘Police blotter: 57-year-old unhoused man dies during Boulder snowstorm’ from Boulder Beat

Read the story by clicking here.

My comment is copied below:

I would have found a way to travel on to a warmer clime, if I wasn’t able to educate myself on staying warm and safe as a homeless camper in wintertime. Just sayin’ . . .

Seems to me that a lot of very outspoken “homeless advocates” are their own worst enemies; the bitter, hateful rhetoric to be found on the Facebook page of Boulder Rights Watch (and elsewhere online) will NOT persuade anyone to support more affordable housing units NOR adequate emergency shelter capacity — quite the contrary! This ought to be obvious by now.

I would have loved to be a SOBER working member of of Tiny House Community in Boulder, but my poor health has left me confined to a long-term care facility in another city. I doubt that this housing model will gain any traction in the foreseeable future, because the local homeless shelter / services industry is committed to Big Money projects that benefit relatively few people in need: 1175 Lee Hill (31 residents), 4747 Table Mesa (44 residents), and Attention Homes at 1440 Pine (40 residents). Combined, these programs cost about $24.5M for just 115 individuals — including the one accused of beating another man to death in a dispute over a bicycle.

A city-sanctioned campground? Based on what I observed firsthand over the course of a decade, it would quickly deteriorate into a “Lord of the Flies” scenario. No thank you! If I were still living outdoors, I would again stay far away from the worst-behaved transients who prey on others they perceive as weaker.

Maybe if Boulder ceased being a sort of mecca for Marijuana Travelers and others who aren’t able to act in their own best interests, and the number of homeless was reduced by at least half, there would be more willingness by the general public to provide a minimal level of emergency overnight shelter in the winter, if not year-round.

I won’t be holding my breath waiting for it to happen . . .


See for yourself the sheer anger expressed on Boulder Rights Watch by clicking here.

“Murdering pieces of shit.” And “City of Boulder you are an atrocity to humanity . . . Fucking shame on you all. Judgment day is coming!” And simply “Murder.”

This nonsense does NOT help the homeless.


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