2020 Point-in-Time reports from Metro Denver Homeless Initiative

See the website by clicking here.

See Boulder County info here.

(Remember, this is always an undercount by hundreds of people because many refuse to participate or they are overlooked.)

Screenshot (click on image to enlarge)

Note that overall homeless numbers are continuing a steady increase since 2018, which once again shows how ineffective the homeless shelter / services industry’s strategies really are.

I’ve never believed that their repeated claims of seeking to end homelessness are the actual goal; instead, it seems self-evident that the do-gooders are trying to rake in as many $$$ from both public and private sources as possible, and nobody is the least bit inclined to solve the problem and put the industry out of business.

Also see Boulder boards, staff split on homeless response from a fellow WordPress blogger who reports on Boulder City Council in-depth.

Frankly, I don’t know why I bothered to review the 2020 MDHI “census” of the homeless . . . As always, it’s a tale of failure by those who want to pretend that they have answers to homelessness.

What BS!


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