Today’s tweets:

My comment on this Fox News report follows:

NOT a long-term solution. The homeless shelter / services industry, comprised of both government agencies and private nonprofits, operates by the creed of More Homeless People = More Money. They’re not at all interested in putting themselves out of business by “ending homelessness.”

If they were, we’d see the Tiny House Community model, a cost-effective approach that could be adapted for permanent housing, gaining more support. Instead, the big players in the faux-compassion complex are mostly opposed to Tiny Houses, which can be built for $5,000 or less per unit and make use of land donated for the community site, and require sweat equity from residents, a modest monthly program fee, and a strict agreement to abide by standards of good behavior.

The worst-behaved transients would never be acceptable in this setting, but that’s why we need more secure psychiatric facilities and mandatory substance abuse rehab centers, with jail a certainty for violent homeless offenders.


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