‘Poll shows tepid support for library tax, but consultants insist victory at the ballot is possible’

See the article from the online Boulder Beat by clicking here.

My comment is copied below:

Another reason to support creation of a Boulder Public Library District, besides the steady revenue stream spread among all users inside and outside the city limits, is removing the politicians and apparatchiks in municipal government from any involvement in setting library policy.

In the past, city officials have been far too lenient on the worst-behaved transients, and that has caused many patrons to go elsewhere. I chose to visit CU’s Norlin Library on a regular basis instead, where they provide only nine public access computers, but also where CU Police show zero tolerance for the bad behavior commonly seen at BPL. Example: Drunk transient passes out face down on keyboard of computer at BPL, he’s told to go outside and get some fresh air; drunk transient passes out face-down on keyboard of computer at Norlin, CU Police escort him out the door and tell him not to return for a year. I’m homeless myself, but I fully agree with response #2.

Meddling by city officials even led to BPL’s private security guards being disarmed, necessitating Boulder Police to increase patrols inside and outside the 1001 Arapahoe facility, no doubt costing more taxpayer dollars just for some vague Feel Good policy shift to unarmed security guards. (City police, of course, might be clear across town when called to BPL.) Makes no sense at all, and yet another reason I preferred Norlin Library, where CU Police are johnny-on-the-spot when summoned by library staff.

Years ago, around early 2010, I observed registered sex offenders riding the SKIP bus from Boulder Shelter for the Homeless to the Main Library, and they were trolling for new child victims both during the morning trip and outside the entrance at their destination. I reported this to BPL staff and Boulder Police, and it was promptly dealt with. I understand that parole officers were notified, who then put the fear of God (and returning to prison) into the perverts. I would hope that an independent library district would see fit to BAN registered sex offenders from the premises altogether.

I favor the proposed new full-size BPL branch in north Boulder, but given its proximity to the homeless shelter and wet house at the corner of Lee Hill and N. Broadway, sterner measures need to put in place to deal with bad behavior. Sure, there may occasionally be a Sunday School teacher or other solid citizen getting drunk and disorderly on library premises, but most of the time it’s the transients who have turned libraries into day shelters.

Max R. Weller

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