What percentage of child molesters are homosexual?

It has always seemed to me, lacking a statistical breakdown from any credible source, that at least half of sexual assaults against children are same-sex. And yet, nobody in their right mind has ever claimed that homosexual men and lesbian women comprise half the total population. Over the decades, I’ve read figures ranging from about 3% of everyone being gay to a high of 10%; why then is there such a disproportionately high number of same-sex assaults involving children?

I’m asking this in a serious way, although it would be easy to jump to the conclusion that homosexuality in many cases involves sociopathic tendencies, in particular the lack of conscience, regarding the sexual impulses.

Yes, I know, I’ll be condemned by Boulderites simply for posing the question . . . But it’s NOT the Homeless Philosopher’s way to sweep something under the rug because it makes others (especially liberals) uncomfortable.

Food for thought . . .


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