The Zayd Atkinson Show

See the article from the Daily Camera here.

It’s all a giant distraction, and people in Boulder are missing the fundamental issue:

I’m white, and have been contacted by law enforcement officers on many occasions while living outdoors as a homeless man in Boulder, CO and its environs. Only once did I consider it to be inappropriate, and I kept my cool nevertheless. The next day, I submitted a formal complaint to Boulder PD’s Professional Standards Unit. The matter was resolved in my favor, I received an apology, and I was assured that dispatching procedures would be addressed to ensure that any future calls would be properly treated as a citizen’s request to check on my welfare (NOT as a disturbance, which was what Officer Sam Carter thought it was before he strayed outside the city limits to contact me).

There’s a correct way to handle things, as I detailed above based on my own experience, and then there’s the Zayd Atkinson chip-on-his-shoulder way. Unfortunately, Boulder liberals suffering White Guilt are enabling Zayd’s ill-advised, unnecessary drama.

For a guy who initially said he didn’t want to become a symbol for anything, Zayd is sure striving to make a spectacle now.


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