And Kaepernick said: Let there be light, and there was light

I saw this in my Facebook news feed this morning, shared by one of my FB friends. This isn’t what has gotten my dander up, not at all.

This is the comment by a different person that followed, one that has earned my ire:

Never, until Colin did it!!!!! Thats whats so ironic. Whites always change the rules to suit themselves……ask the true Americans, the Indians!!!!!

Here’s the comment I made in reply:

Whites? You mean like the white woman who gave birth to Kaepernick, and the white couple who adopted him at only a few weeks of age and raised him in comfortable circumstances, the white folks who awarded him an athletic scholarship, and the white NFL owner who put $39M in Kaepernick’s bank account? The man has led a privileged life, and it’s white folks at Nike who are helping him cash in now on his notoriety.

Look, people, Colin Kaepernick is a human being, nothing more, and he’s not worthy of being put on a pedestal. Even MLK had feet of clay, BUT he certainly did much good for civil rights, voting rights (Kaepernick has never registered to vote), and what is called social justice by the hip and trendy crowd nowadays. AND IT’S MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. WHO SACRIFICED EVERYTHING! Don’t be confused about that.

I guess it’s part of the Obama legacy of dashed dreams and unfulfilled expectations, to deify some clown whose only real talent is to find the media spotlight.

Give it a rest . . .



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