Attention Homes 1440 Pine project is a perfect example of what’s WRONG with Boulder, CO do-gooders!


By Max R. Weller

Copied from a Facebook post by Skip Strickland on February 21st:

Groundbreaking for the new Attention Home facility in the heart of downtown Boulder, CO. This facility will house homeless youth aged 18-24. FUMC provided the land. Gardner Capital and Capital One, private donations and grants from state of CO, Boulder CO and other foundations, the money. Neighbors were consulted to make the project better. Hyper valuable land is going to be used to meet an hyper important need. City of Boulder was also major partner in making this happen. I got to sign the documents, represent the RMC and bless the land and project. Amazing collaboration and an amazing day. Attention project was started by the youth group at FUMC 52 years ago. Motto “Attention not Detention.” Well done FUMC Boulder.

Following is my comment left on this post:

How far could $12M go if it were put into Tiny Houses for youth ages 18-24 and a community building with showers, laundry, kitchen, meeting room, etc.? Well, if you’ll pardon the language, IT WOULD GO A HELL OF A LOT FARTHER THAN HELPING JUST 40 INDIVIDUALS! OM Build in Madison, WI spends about $5K per unit to house homeless people who will be required to abide by a reasonable code of conduct and contribute their labor to upkeep of common areas. At $300K per unit, it will be IMPOSSIBLE to house the vast majority of homeless youth on the streets in Boulder, CO. I call this a travesty of compassion! But, you benighted do-gooders go right on with patting yourselves on the back . . .

Too modest for Boulder? Apparently so; why else would the homeless shelter / services industry here fight tooth-and-nail against Tiny Homes?

(This blog post e-mailed to Boulder City Council.)

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