The Homeless Philosopher is a humble man, compared to one of Boulder, CO’s self-styled homeless advocates:

Darren O’Connor of Boulder Rights Watch (afraid to debate homelessness with me, so he blocked the Homeless Philosopher from that group’s Facebook page).

Thanks to a Facebook friend who still has access to Boulder Rights Watch online, I now know how this arrogant so-and-so signs his e-mails to Boulder City Council:

Darren O’Connor
University of Denver Law School Chancellor Scholar
President University of Denver Law Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild
NAACP Boulder Branch Assistant Secretary
Legal Intern, National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty

I kid you not; the man has become a parody of the do-gooder he aspires to be, and Boulder Rights Watch has 306 members who believe his BS!

In terms of gaining anything of substance for the majority of homeless folks who choose to behave decently, Mr. O’Connor and BRW are still batting .000 in the advocacy ballgame.


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