Amazon is simply the 21st Century Sears Roebuck

I mention this because I pass by the new Amazon distribution center in Thornton, CO three times a week, on my way to Cardiac Rehab at St. Anthony North in neighboring Westminster, CO just down the road.

Here’s an image of one of the great landmarks in Kansas City, MO:

Image result for sears roebuck store on 15th & cleveland in kansas city, mo images

Sears Roebuck & Company Mail Order Plant

The street address of this humongous building is given as either 15th & Cleveland or 3625 Truman Road, but in any case you couldn’t miss it. It’s now defunct, of course. I believe I visited this facility once or twice when I was very young, back in the early ’60s.

Folks these days are all gaga about the online retailer Amazon, but to me it’s nothing original. And Amazon can’t provide you with a handy catalog, that as soon as it’s outdated would be of service in your outhouse:

Image result for outhouse images

Beware of spiders!


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