Random thoughts 6/19/2018

By Max R. Weller

Large hail, the largest I’ve ever seen, fell during a brief thunderstorm here in Thornton, CO last night, It was quite loud, pounding the roof for several minutes.

For the first time since last December, I showered with Ivory bar soap this morning. It’s GREAT to feel really clean for a change. Thanks to the fan of this blog who stopped by on Saturday with a 10-pack of Ivory and two 500-count packages of Q-Tips (the amount of wax built up in my ears was unbelievable, but it’s gone now).

Food is occasionally very good here at Happy Haven and sometimes there’s even enough of it to assuage hunger.

(No doubt about it: I’m far more handsome than Jabba the Hutt.)

What can be said about the dirty, rotten scoundrels at the F.B.I.? They’ve failed at every crooked scheme they’ve tried — and today they’re being excoriated by Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) who stuck up for the feebs in general just a couple of weeks ago. Remember, there are more reports on the way from the DOJ Inspector General, and it’s likely things will get even worse for Comey and his band of crooks in the next few weeks.

Prospects are also bleak for the Dems this November, it seems to me, and their woes are entirely self-inflicted.

See the Metro Denver Homeless Initiative 2018 Point-in-Time Report here (county-specific data to be released later).

Have a good day!

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