Here’s the truth: Hundreds of “Coordinated Entry” homeless people are STILL living on the streets


By Max R. Weller

First, acquaint yourself with the details of this NEW and highly-touted means to address homelessness: Boulder County Homeless Systems Coordinated Entry.

Now, let’s take what we’ve been told by those in authority both recently and in the past:

1) Boulder Shelter for the Homeless has a maximum capacity of 160 occupants, per order of the Boulder Fire Marshal. This will NOT change.

2) Bridge House’s Path to Home is designed for 50 clients, but will take in more overnight during life-threatening weather conditions only; for sake of argument, let’s say the total is 100 every night.

(So far, that’s 260 homeless people.)

3) There are likely 1,000+ homeless folks county-wide who haven’t been through Coordinated Entry yet, and I’d guess that most of ’em (like me) will never do so for a variety of reasons.

Karen Rahn, Boulder Director of Human Services, is claiming that 500+ homeless people have been through the Coordinated Entry intake process to this point. Okay, let’s take her at her word, which leads us to this question:

Where are all of those unaccounted for? 500+ minus 260 equals 240+ (not even counting the non-participants in Coordinated Entry).

True, there may be some homeless people being given overnight shelter in Longmont, but it’s not in the hundreds. NOT even close!

I’ll tell you where the missing homeless are — they’re on the streets, camping out like they have been in the past. Either that, or they just drifted on down the road as so-called Travelers do . . .

Ms. Rahn is also claiming that only 17% of those who have participated in Coordinated Entry are transients here for less than a month, while 53% have been residents of Boulder County for 2+ years. AHEM! These are PHONY statistics, apparently depending on the self-reporting of the transients themselves, without documentation, and a number belied by what can be observed by anyone at BSH and various other venues where the homeless gather (such as Boulder Public Library). Here’s my unscientific impression: I’ve NEVER seen so many new faces of homeless people as I have during the past six moths or so, and I’ve been living here in Boulder and its environs since early 2008.

The Daily Camera’s Editorial Advisory Board weighed in on this issue: Homeless or transient. Most of them are slowly beginning to see the light, but still cling to some outrageous falsehoods and negative stereotypes pushed by the do-gooders in both government agencies and private nonprofits.

(Bear in mind, there’s NO money at stake for me in this FUBAR homelessness strategy; I simply call it as I see it.)

BOTTOM LINE: Boulder County does NOT have the housing units available in order to accommodate the hundreds of homeless people in need. Adding 30 or 40 more apartments each year will accomplish little, perhaps nothing at all as the Transient Migration to Colorado continues apace. Once you accept this truth, the whole Coordinated Entry business is exposed as a sham.

2017 Pinocchio Award is given collectively to everyone involved in Coordinated Entry! 


2 thoughts on “Here’s the truth: Hundreds of “Coordinated Entry” homeless people are STILL living on the streets

  1. Lola

    City Council met last night for a rehash of the same old smoke and mirrors game and cooking of the books from Isabel McDevitt and Bill Sweeney from what I like to call the “Bridge Whore House.” Welcome to house of ill-repute. It seems the City Council DOES have a heart and a soul and respectfully requested that Bridge House open the Emergency Warming Center for the entire winter season every night so that people don’t die from freezing to death and Boulder will readily fund it. While McDevitt blathered on about how successful Bridge House aka Coordinated Entry has become (with her graphs and flow charts to prove it) and nervously answered questions from council, she described a large number of the homeless population in Boulder County who are still living “houseless” AND whom are not in Coordinated Entry AND in need of EWC are what she called: “System Resistant.” It was as if she was trying to shed any culpability for the deaths of those already indoctrinated into the Bride House system of corruption and those not indoctrinated yet. She believes that the system works and that an EWC should be the same business model. So in other words; forced case management for the non-believers of the system or freeze to death in the streets. What was puzzling to me was how there was not one single advocate for the homeless aside from myself and not one single person to advocate aside from McDevitt. Prior to the request of the Bridge House there was a discussion on how mediation is done at BSH and this was pure fiction. This guy goes on and on how fair and impartial and how unbiased the shelter is when we all know that even if you are a decent person inside of these shelters you stand to get robbed, disrespected, threatened, discriminated against, banned and arrested because the people working inside Bridge House, Boulder Shelter for the homeless, Ready to Work, Community Table, are CRIMINALS. If you try to even file a grievance they will call the Sheriff and ban you for the season.
    So, instead of McDevitt saying something compassionate like: “If the funding is available I will do everything in my power to have the EWC so that no one else freezes to death” she instead stated that Board of Directors makes all the decisions flatly. Nothing more nothing less. I have a new level of contempt for this woman and wonder why Bill Sweeney still gets a slice of the cash cow when he was denied his $1 Million Dollar request from Boulder City to operate the EWC. There is clearly no accountability and no moral compass on these two profiteers McDevitt and Sweeney and their entire staff. The numerous times crimes have been committed against the homeless population of Boulder by staff under the administration of the heads of the Homeless Non Profit are astonishing. From coercion, to assault, sexual harrassment, embezzlement, discrimination, petty theft, hate crimes, health code violations, labor infringement, all under the watchful eye of McDevitt and Sweeney. I was informed that Stanley Garnett the District Attorney of Boulder County sits on the Board of Directors for Bridge House. Conflict of Interest. If any of the homeless ever wonder why they were not given a fair and speedy trial for any alleged crime, you now know why. If someone committed a crime against you within the walls of the homeless agencies, churches or Synagogues, p you now know why they were never investigated and furthermore it may explain why they are so quick to ban someone like me for blowing the whistle and seeking the truth and speaking the truth. I have found that the only people that hate the truth are those living a lie.

  2. homelessphilosopher Post author

    Reblogged this on homelessphilosopher and commented:

    Originally published on 12/9/2017 . . . Remember when I blogged about a 21st Century Civilian Conservation Corps for able-bodied young homeless people? Sadly, the do-gooders are headed more in the direction of pampering transients and turning them all into permanent dependents of the social services system; wouldn’t surprise me if one of Far Left cities like Boulder, CO decided to pay reparations to BUMS for all of their (self-inflicted) suffering. Maybe vouchers to liquor stores and pot shops instead of $$$.


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