E-mail sent to new member of Boulder City Council

This goes to show that even I can write a politely-worded missive on a subject I feel so strongly about . . .


One thought on “E-mail sent to new member of Boulder City Council

  1. Lola

    Thanks for keeping it true and real. I spoke many times to the city council regarding the coordinated entry aka “militarization of the homeless and system of corruption and blatant discrimination. You will not get a sympathetic soul to listen at anytime in the city council chambers. Talking and writing letters amounts to a lot of frustration due to the mockery that City of Boulder makes of the welfare and condition of its homeless community. NEVER have they listened to homeless people on what our needs are. Not once have they asked us what we want or what we require on a daily basis. They continue to keep funding the same criminals and do-gooders, that bilk the system for the money and power, and keep paying salaries to themselves and the formerly homeless incompetent criminals like the people employed by Bill Sweeney from BOHO. Nothing has really changed for the better for the homeless. Coordinated Entry is a farce and if we take a closer look at the staff that run these programs we will find that Isabelle McDevitt and Bill Sweeney are still being paid to exploit the poor and indigente, along side the convicted drug pushers, predators, and violent and mentally defective individuals that are rewarded with $12 per hour to be babysitter to the most vulnerable people in out society whilst playing out personal agendas, abuse their power and perversely use the little bit of power they have to intimidate, coerce and terrorize the homeless outside of these agencies and constantly threaten to exclude them. I was told by many of the so-called clients of the Bridge House’s Path to Home, of the atrocities that occur inside of the walls of the Temples, Synagogues, Churches and various day shelters and daily feeds currently.
    I have addressed the Mayor Suzanne Jones face to face at the meetings and asked why there is not a REAL shelter for Women, Men and Children for the survivors of sexual assault and abuse of this nature. Why does this city give priority to the predators? We live in a city that portrays to the outside world that we are so progressive that we use the language “Hi my name is Lola, and I prefer the pronouns “she” and “her” – we talk the talk but we don’t walk the walk.
    I have explained to the city council that there are many people that cannot get access to services despite what the Bridge House disseminates as statistical evidence. It’s all swept under the rug so they can continue to profit off and disperage the very smallest part of the population and the most vulnerable people in our society. ALL of the agencies need to audited independently and they need to clean house. If the city continues to fund the Ponzi Scheme that is collectively described as coordinated entry, then the city should and could be investigated on the Federal level.
    No doubt in a few days, probably this weekend, the same agencies like Bridge House will hold a memorial at the bandshell in honor of all the homeless that have died in the last year so that we can see Isabelle McDevitt and Bill Sweeney’s faces in the Daily Camera and how much they care about those who have passed. I have refused to go to these morbid and sick rituals over the years, that the homeless “non-profits” use as an opportunity to springboard their donations and giving from the general public’s generosity by plucking the heart strings like a finely tuned violin for MORE MONEY. (None of which will never trickle down where it is needed) Throwing money at the problem has never been able to solve the problem it only adds to the corruption and creates more problems to study and fund and fund and study and resolve to spend more.
    Another working group to be spawned with taxpayers money.
    In the meantime, I will be putting them on blast. Over the years, I realize the spotlight I have drawn onto myself by being a truth speaker and a truth seeker. I will continue to disseminate information regarding the realities in our community and I am very grateful for this forum to not be censored in our current situation. Thanks to you Max and your bravery, we have a voice. I will press on and persevere.


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