Let’s all feel sorry for Christopher Lawyer, shall we?

This is what the leader of Boulder Rights Watch wrote on the Daily Camera Facebook page:

So the challenge of integrating a man the courts deemed well enough to return to society will have to be solved elsewhere. Not that I have all the answers, and the issue of SVPs is a tangled one, but all we can celebrate is having no solution. I don’t think that’s anything to be proud of. We also still have several such identified people here, so this doesn’t much change things. We still have to decide what we wish to do about finding a way to address such people in our community. If any of them reoffend, will we really be happy it happened to someone’s kid in California? Are we that self-serving?

This is so f***ed up on so many levels, I’ll just hit the lowlights:

1) Colorado parole authorities released Mr. Lawyer early, perhaps due to some influence from his mother, and it was NOT any judge who did so.

2) Mr. Lawyer HIMSELF requested to transfer his parole to California, and he will be required to register as a sex offender there, too.

3) Many of Boulder’s sex offenders are from other states! I’m sure O’Connor is aware of this, but he glosses it over; who knows why he’s LYING by omission?

4) How twisted is it to label concerned citizens as “self-serving” because they want to protect those who might fall prey to these predators? VERY TWISTED, especially when you consider that several homeless women who belong to Boulder Rights Watch took O’Connor to task on the issue of SVPs not very long ago. He just doesn’t get it . . . Apparently, Darren O’Connor is okay with numerous sex offenders living under the same roof at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless with survivors of these vicious felonies.

I’m hoping this clown no longer has any credibility with Boulder City Council members or city staff on any issue.


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