‘Where is work ethic of young, healthy and homeless?’

Read the letter-to-the-editor of the Daily Camera here. Copied below:

Kudos to Preston Padden for his guest opinion (“On personal responsibility,” Daily Camera, Sept. 27) on the Sept. 20 front-page article accompanied by a photo of a homeless couple on the Pearl Street Mall. I thought I was the only one who thought this way! They looked young, healthy but lacked a work ethic that’s why they were sitting on the mall. Why would they even get any attention and be put on the front page of the Daily Camera! Do we have no other news! I, like Preston, grew up with a work ethic. And guess what, that’s how we raised our kids, and they too have a work ethic. All in Boulder need to stop funding these young, capable, entitled transients. Give them a power bar, water but no money. They will leave, and as Preston said, help your longtime working neighbor who has fallen on hard times, not these kids who have found out Boulder is rich and gullible!

Kelly Borden


Presumably, Golden is smart enough to move the BUMS from elsewhere on down the road rather than pampering them like Boulder, CO does. Longmont has become almost as bad as Boulder, but city officials there seem to grasp reality now; see Longmont City Council tours transient camps, ponders ways to address homelessness in the Times-Call here. Excerpt copied below:

Council this year has considered two ordinances designed to curb behavior that draws residents’ complaints downtown — banning sitting and lying on sidewalks outside the Civic Center and expanding no-smoking zones outside several city government buildings. The smoking ban passed while the sitting and lying on sidewalks ordinance didn’t draw a second vote and failed. Additionally, city staff have put in place stricter behavioral standards for public buildings, and given staff training on how to safely deal with someone who is violating the policy.

[Councilman] Bagley said that considering such measures is good for the city — especially downtown, where homeless people can scare off customers.

“The primary issue is getting a system in place and certain services have to stop,” he said, alluding to his view that HOPE’s evening meal van is doing more harm than good. “We can cause a dramatic reduction in the transient traveling culture and by doing that, we stop encouraging the migration of homeless individuals into our community. First, we start there, and then we’ll have more resources to focus on people who are members of the Longmont family.” (Emphasis is mine — MRW.)

[Homeless Outreach Providing Encouragement] Executive Director Lisa Searchinger said that her organization was “uninvited” from four of its five locations where they typically hand out food, including the Safety and Justice Center parking lot downtown. She responded to Bagley’s comments by saying HOPE’s data show the meals were primarily helping working, housed people who struggle to buy food. The HOPE model will change as Boulder County implements a countywide integrated services model in October.


Poor dogs! They deserve good homes, and these young travelers need to be booted off the social services Gravy Train.


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