New Boulder Shelter for the Homeless services overview:

Copied from a handout provided to BSH residents at yesterday evening’s meeting and obtained by the Homeless Philosopher this morning —

All people who want to use Boulder Shelter for the Homeless services need to go through Coordinated Entry. At that time they will be directed to the appropriate agency for support services. If directed to the shelter the following services will be available.

Stand By Bed stays —

1. Resident can utilize emergency stays through a nightly lottery

2. Availability of Stand By beds is determined by the number of beds not being used by Reserved Bed program residents

Reserved Bed program —

1. Residents will need to complete an intake with a [Case Manager] to get into the RB program

2. No income requirements

3. Sobriety is not required, but resident must be behaviorally appropriate to stay

4. Guaranteed nightly bed

5. Required to stay nightly, but can use 3 excused absences per month

6. Three no call/no shows within a month will result in removal from the program

7. Required to do a daily chore

8. Ability to make late reservations for work, school, or therapeutic meetings

9. Access to case management to assist in housing opportunities

Case management Services —

1. Residents must be in the Reserved Bed program to receive case management services

2. Residents will need to schedule an intake with a CM to access services

3. No income requirements

4. Sobriety is not required, but residents must be sober when meeting with a CM

5. No program fees or service work

6. Resident must remain engaged in case management to continue working with a CM

Sober Dorm —

1. Resident must be actively engaged with Reserved Bed program case management services to qualify for the Sober Dorm

2. Resident must maintain sobriety to remain in the dorm

3. Intoxicants include alcohol, street drugs, and prescription medications

4. If using Medical Marijuana a resident must comply with shelter MMJ policy

5. One day sleep per week; medical and late work exceptions must be approved by a CM

6. Access to Long Term Storage 


You may be wondering: What college education and training is necessary to become Case Manager? Beyond the basic shelter requirement that employees have a high school diploma, I don’t think there is anything more (not counting any in-house training conducted by the shelter itself). See the shelter website for Employment Opportunities.


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