Bus ’em out of town!

From a year ago — but still relevant today.



By Max R. Weller

Read the latest news about yet another impotent effort in Boulder County, CO to mitigate lawlessness: Boulder prosecutor to work on issues with homeless community in the Daily Camera. 

Great! The small minority of homeless people who are violent sociopaths now have a DA dedicated to them . . . And the City of Boulder already has two police officers whose jobs are centered on the worst-behaved transients, Officers Ramos and Paddock.

So why won’t things get better? HELL, by all accounts it’s less safe now than ever before, and I for one refuse to go anywhere that is a popular bum hangout. Remember, the worst-behaved transients are generally preying on other homeless people they perceive as weaker; robbing, raping, stabbing, etc.

There’s a simpler, time-honored solution for dealing with transients caught committing petty offenses: Give the scofflaws a choice…

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