Correcting the do-gooders is a full-time job


By Max R. Weller

More from the Daily Camera Facebook page (see yesterday’s post) featuring my friend, Robert:

James Hassan: Homeless people who live in Boulder ARE Boulder residents.

Robert Nelson: James Hassan transient noun 1. a person who is staying or working in a place for only a short time. synonyms: hobo, vagrant, vagabond, street person, homeless person, down-and-out; So if I moved to Denver today, just passing through while grabbing all of the Free Stuff I could, I would be LYING if I called myself a resident of Denver.

Cherie Sajet: Robert Nelson, I may be wrong to your way of thinking. And if you choose your lifestyle, you then must abide by the laws in place in any locality. Your quibble is with a quote that comes from both Mandela & Hubert Humphrey. It would be good if you recognized that a great number of homeless long for a bed & a hot meal & camaraderie & a shower. There is a large segment in the homeless population who desperately want both temporary shelter & a permanent home. These are the people who I know and am familiar with. I find your remarks equally condescending. And I seriously doubt that you are representative of the homeless population as a whole. A great many have suffered from very real hardships & abuse. An equal number are also disabled. I stand by my viewpoint. Your opinion has not changed mine.

Robert Nelson: If we could ever get an accurate “census” of the homeless people in Boulder County, I firmly believe it would show that those who reject the homeless shelter / services industry far outnumber those who are willing to become permanent dependents on it. Like me, they can see that so-called transitional living programs are just a revolving door between the streets and subsidized housing, with very few ever finding a permanent home by this route. You are correct to mention “abuse” — and surely you know that Boulder Shelter for the Homeless houses registered sex offenders along with the adult survivors of sexual crimes. BTW, I am disabled — and that doesn’t change one cottonpickin’ thing I’ve said. When you’ve actually walked the walk that I do every day, maybe I’ll consider your revised views . . .

Thanks for the assist, Robert. Amazing, isn’t it? Do-gooders like James and Cherie and about 200 more belonging to the Facebook group Boulder Rights Watch (its leader, Darren O’Connor, blocked me a year ago to shut off any reasonable debate about their views on homelessness) think they know what life for the homeless is all about . . . They haven’t a clue, but for a long time they received far more press attention than they deserved. It seems to me this is finally changing, and it’s about damn time!

We know better than the homeless do just what they need. 


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