Random stuff 7/20/2017


By Max R. Weller

1) Shouldn’t the acoustics in any library dampen sound? Our Main Library in Boulder, CO seems to amplify ordinary conversations so that every word can be plainly understood 50′ away! This is something I could do without as I’m blogging or playing online chess.

I doubt that I can blame the same people who designed that godawful ugly “conoid” structure at the south entrance. You know, the giant Erector Set monstrosity where ice and snow melts on sunny winter days and slides right off to land on top of your head as you wait to enter.

2) From the TC Line on the Times-Call website:

Sidewalk sitting This is about the proposed ordinance for making it illegal for people to lie or (sit) on sidewalks and that it’s not meant to criminalize homelessness. I just really beg to differ. You know, with the homeless shelter in Boulder closed in the summer, where else are people going to go? Do they suddenly not become homeless? Are they supposed to just walk around all day long? I just don’t really understand what the real goal here is. … I go to Izaak Walton several times a week and see the people that are camping out there, and I have never had a negative encounter with any of those people. They’re just trying to live their lives.

Reply by RealityCheck: Sidewalk sitting — IN FACT, Boulder Shelter for the Homeless is open overnight year-round for residents in their First Step / Transition Program. In addition, there is now a Summer Bed Program for even more homeless men and women. All of these require participants to be clean and sober. At least 120 of 160 beds are filled right now.

The Bridge House Path to Home program, which opened on July 5th, has overnight shelter available for up to 50, but last night only 30 showed up.

Hundreds of homeless folks in Boulder County (including me) simply prefer to stay outdoors, summer and winter. I use BSH only for morning showers and to maintain a small locker for a change of clothes.

Please take time to acquaint yourself with the facts, before making unfounded claims.

Reply by Not_NORML: this could have changes, but for years the BSH locked their doors at 7pm. Even if you had a reserved spot, if you were outside when the doors locked, that’s where you were.

But this doesn’t address sitting on sidewalks. The merchants in the downtown area take issue with a camp of people sitting on the sidewalk in front of their stores. Anywhere else this would be called loitering and an offense. Longmont doesn’t have such rules. Along with the sitting is the public drinking. We also don’t have rules about public intoxication. So boozing it up and laying down on the sidewalk outside my store is perfectly fine. Right?

RealityCheck: I neither drink nor do drugs — and in almost 15 years as a homeless man, the last 9 here in Boulder, I’ve NEVER found it necessary to either sit or lie on sidewalks or anywhere else that folks (including me) use to get from place to place. Most of the homeless people I know don’t find concrete comfortable, but there are those who sprawl on sidewalks as their passive-aggressive way of giving society the finger. A pox on ’em!

As long as local nonprofits continue to provide shelter / services to anybody who drifts into our county, a great example being the Alabama arsonists who started the Cold Springs Fire a year ago, we’ll continue to have these problems. Hell, Suggs and Kuykendall were arrested when they had the gall to turn up at an evacuation center looking for Free Stuff!

3) From the Daily Camera Facebook page:

Robert Nelson: “New resources for Boulder’s Human Services office will be allocated, department Director Karen Rahn said, according to a new schedule that calls for 40 percent dedicated to homelessness . . .” BUT, no indication that these resources will be prioritized for Boulder’s own homeless residents. WTF?

Cherie Sajet: That sounds like the City Council is finally recognizing that there is a very real homeless population in Boulder. And that the way to address it to offer a year round shelter. The Resistance is working at the National level & the resistance is watching the State & local level for people who are committed to appropriate & progressive values. Ending homelessness involves an outreach program & housing, even if it is single rooms in a dormitory with a college fridge & a hot plate. You can’t get your life back on track, without a legitimate address. And I totally trust that Boulder does indeed have it’s own homeless population. No one comes to places like this with extreme winters for fun. Time to get serious. A society is judged by how we treat the least among us.

Robert Nelson: You’re WRONG, Cherie. I chose to come here over 9 years ago and I live outdoors year-round (with suitable camping gear). And I’m living the life I choose — so please keep your condescending remarks to yourself (we are NOT the “least” among you). And some folks still wonder why I totally reject the social services system.

Kimberly Badgett: Typical progressive attitude. If it makes you feel any better, they are condescending to everyone, not just the homeless.

4) I’m still waiting for the name of the homeless man who was found dead at N. Broadway & Rosewood a few days ago to be released by the Coroner. I trust that the local newspaper will report this without fail.

5) My friend Robert tells me that Mike Homner and several of his “fellow travelers” from Boulder Rights Watch appeared before City Council and presented their petition to turn the former Boulder Community Hospital site at Broadway & Alpine into another flophouse for the worst-behaved transients:

My best guess would be: About the same time the Devil straps on a pair of ice skates.


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