It’s not about socioeconomic status, homeless people, it’s ALL about behavior

Originally published on 7/18/2014:


By Max R. Weller

It’s worth repeating — we’re not here to judge others’ souls, but we’re certainly obliged to judge their actions.

In my experience here in Boulder, CO since early 2008, 20% of all those who can be defined as “homeless” in the course of a year are just bums with no respect for themselves, no respect for their fellow man, and no respect for the community. Sadly, these are the ones who get almost all of the media attention, as well as the bulk of support provided by the social services industry (comprised of both government agencies and private nonprofits).

Yes, I’m proud to belong to the 80% who try to behave decently, even while being poor and without a roof over our heads.

Make no mistake, the 20% (cited above) want to drag as many others as possible down with them, into their degrading lifestyle of drinking/drugging, petty crime…

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