Bridge House Path to Home attendance:

Copied from the Bridge House Facebook page:

Robert Nelson How many are staying at Path to Home? As many as the 50 it was reported you were prepared to accept? Thanks in advance for sharing this info. July 13 at 12:26pm

Bridge House Hi Robert,
We do have the capacity to accept 50 individuals. Last night, we had 30 individuals, but this number will likely vary each day.
Thank you for reaching out! 18 mins (ago)


So there you have it, folks — 30 homeless people last night, 7/16/2017. With hundreds of homeless people on the streets here in Boulder, CO it’s painfully obvious that the $84K in taxpayer funding supporting this program will have very little (if any) impact in reducing those numbers long-term.

Thanks, Robert, for obtaining this info; as you know, Bridge House has blocked me on Facebook.



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