More drama at Boulder Shelter for the [Mentally Ill]

From 7/5/2013:


By Max R. Weller

Some of you may think I’m kidding when I say that I want to live in a cave or an old barn way out in the country. I’m not. Consider this morning at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless.

I arrived at 5AM as I usually do, so I can enjoy watching the sunrise, breathing the fresh air, and listening to the few birds singing in that neighborhood (I’m used to many more feathered vocalists back in Missouri). I was alone until about 5:50, when the SKIP bus unloaded its first bunch of bums for the day. The fake Chinese guy (actually Native American) who used to impersonate a CU student at Norlin Library was wearing a tuxedo, complete with top hat. Dirty, worn-out tennis shoes, however. A CU coed had once asked me for advice about dealing with this Froot Loop; I told her to…

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