‘A distinction worth making’


By Max R. Weller

Read the letter-to-the-editor of the Daily Camera here. Copied below in its brevity:

I applaud the Daily Camera for not using the term “transient” as a label — one with understandably negative connotations in our city and county — for a resident who happened to be homeless. He died recently in my neighborhood, and I shall miss him.

Indeed, words have meanings. I hope that our local newspaper will continue to distinguish between homeless residents who have lived here for some time and transients from outside of Boulder County who have drifted here in search of the Big Rock Candy Mountain.

Max R. Weller


Wouldn’t it be great if our local nonprofits and city staff would prioritize homeless shelter / services for Boulder County residents? I recall some discussion about doing so earlier this year, but it seems to have quietly gone away — leaving many of us to wonder if the hundreds of transients from outside of Boulder County (mostly missed by the highly-touted Point-in-Time Survey taken last January) are going to continue their FREE RIDE in our city.

I’ll say it again: Boulder City Council needs to take a hands-on approach to homelessness, and STOP relying on the nonprofits and city staff!

(This post e-mailed to Boulder City Council.) 


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