Random stuff 7/1/2017


By Max R. Weller

1) Boulder’s sugary drinks tax went into effect this morning, and I’m chagrined to discover that it applies to my breakfast pint of orange juice made from concentrate, which I’ve been buying at King Soopers and enjoying because I thought it was a more healthful choice than a second big mug of instant coffee. What had been $0.99 is now $1.31 (the tax being two cents per fluid ounce) and I’m NOT willing to pay that much . . . Of course, I could spend even more money to buy all-natural OJ without added sugar and avoid this silly tax, joining the wealthy white elites who believe they can solve all of the world’s problems — including those of childhood nutrition — but I’m just not that arrogant.

2) Putting aside highly questionable self-reporting on surveys, I don’t think that Boulder, CO’s population is very bright at all; consider that there are FAR MORE high school dropouts here than those who have persevered to obtain a Ph.D. To the extent that a majority of Boulderites seem to support all of the crap being put out by our municipal government, it’s apparent to the Homeless Philosopher that most residents are dullards unwilling to critically examine any issue. No wonder that Bernie Sanders was, and still remains, so popular.

3) I’m thinking that it would be a good idea this coming winter to eat a hot lunch at the West Senior Center (next to our Main Library) every weekday. I can probably afford the $6 cost five days a week.

It’s tough to maintain your core body temp eating only cold food, but there’s no other choice when forced to run a “cold camp” to keep a low profile, unless Meals on Wheels wants to deliver to my campsite. NO, I don’t eat the hot breakfast during the winter season at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless. 

4) At a time when intelligent Democrats might be positioning themselves and their party to stop their slide into oblivion, they instead seem determined to continue WHINING about Donald Trump. In truth, of course, they’re still shocked that the majority of voters outside of the most populous states reject the Looney Left. They’d better wake up soon; 2018’s mid-term elections are right around the corner.

5) A great patriotic tune, which I always post around the 4th of July.


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