Boulder City Council supports greedy nonprofits’ focus on making millions, while hundreds here will remain homeless


By Max R. Weller

Get ready for increasing numbers of young Marijuana Travelers arriving here in Boulder, CO as word spreads through the nationwide homeless grapevine about $300K apartments being given to the lowest common denominator of homeless youth ages 18 to 24. True, it’s only 40 apartments — but there will be ten times that many drawn here by yet another Big Money project that FAILS to end homelessness, and also FAILS to address the welfare of Boulder County’s own homeless people.

Of course, the clueless do-gooders will have an orgy of patting themselves on the back . . .

I’m only mildly surprised at Boulder City Council’s action as reported in the Daily Camera. Read it here: No call-up: Boulder council grants final OK to 1440 Pine St.

Usually, I’ll copy either an excerpt or the entire story and post it here; however, I think this is a case where an Internet meme will sum things up just as well. To wit:

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