Smartphone camera catches homeless woman in the act, and more

Donna, this is for you — in case you missed it the first time around.



By Max R. Weller

Boulder police have been called to the private property belonging to the Dakota Ridge HOA located at N. Broadway & Laramie, where the bums have been drinking and passing out underneath the pine trees for a few weeks now, many times recently. Saturday, a city officer found four or five of ’em partying there, and gave the bums one last warning before adding, “Next time we respond to a complaint from the property owners, all of you will be ticketed for Trespassing.”

The ringleader of these pickled idjits is Donna; read about her background as a troublemaker in my north Boulder neighborhood: Donna the homeless drama queen at N. Broadway & Laramie Blvd. originally published here on 9/21/2015.

Yesterday, Donna took the officer’s warning to heart, and she sat on the wall in front of the Mexican restaurant next to the…

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