Random stuff 5/16/2017


By Max R. Weller

1) I can never predict how things will be in my north Boulder neighborhood, around the corner of N. Broadway and U.S. 36. Yesterday, when I arrived there around 2PM, nobody was around; over the weekend, as many as 10 drunks and dope smokers at once had gathered on the wall in front of the Mexican restaurant. I picked up the overflowing trash bag (provided by ME), replaced it with a new one (also provided by ME), and carried away a bag of free clothes from last Thursday’s giveaway at Deacons’ Closet downtown which had been abandoned.

2) I’ve observed repeatedly over the years in Boulder, CO that Free Stuff has zero value to the BUMS who clamor for it the loudest. Of course, when all of life’s necessities are simply given to you, you then have money for tobacco, alcohol, and drugs . . . Never mind what [Drunken] O’Connor of Boulder Rights Watch and Mike [Humbugger] at Facing Homelessness Boulder tell you about “compassion” — both of ’em are on big ego trips, but in fact their efforts have backfired on the homeless population they claim to “advocate” for.

This is what we could have much more of year-round, if more homeless shelter / services are given to literally ANYBODY who shows up in our city! 

3) I’ve been having a problem with the thieving prairie dogs at my campsite coming over to my side of the fence and grabbing the bread I put out for the field mice. A couple of the filthy varmints got their comeuppance on Sunday, however: They sneaked over once again, passing close by a tiny rabbit that would have fit easily into the palm of my hand, and Mama Rabbit (scarcely any bigger than a prairie dog herself) came charging out of the vegetation (where she’d been watching, no doubt) with her ears laid back . . . The prairie dogs turned tail and ran back to their area, with Mama Rabbit in pursuit. When they disappeared underground, she was satisfied and came back to her spot near me. Her young one was in no danger from the fleabitten varmints, but it just tickled me no end to watch this encounter.

4) What is it that Dems expect to happen? Hillary will be declared the winner of last November’s election because a foreign power (in this case, Putin’s Russia) tried to influence the outcome? Happens in every election, you dolts!

5) Because it was on sale at King Soopers on Table Mesa, I enjoyed this sweet treat for breakfast:

It was either this now or a chocolate shake from McDonald’s this afternoon (to go along with the double cheeseburgers my friend will deliver to me). For $3, the 14 oz. Haagen-Dazs is about the same price! Wish it was on sale more often.



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