Random stuff 5/10/2017


By Max R. Weller

1) Letter-to-editor of the Daily Camera by Melanie Holden of Boulder, copied below in its entirety:

From what I’ve learned from Daily Camera articles, if I ever don’t want to be stuck living on the streets, all I have to do is be deemed a “dangerous sex offender” and agencies will make sure I have a roof over my head and a bed. Doesn’t seem fair that law-abiding homeless people get less support.

Melanie, I’d be thrilled to simply have a 10′ x 10′ space to park my own Tiny Coroplast House. I’d pay for the materials and build it myself. It would be good to have access to a port-a-potty nearby, and this leads us to the concept of a Tiny House Community. One thing I’d NEVER need is a bunch of “case managers” micro-managing my life — because McDonald’s wouldn’t hire them with their worthless degrees in sociology.

My house

Tiny House Community

2) Mayor Suzanne Jones of Boulder is one of the city officials who has allowed the homeless shelter / services industry here to screw things up so very badly; we’re spending many more millions of $$$ than ever, but have many more people living on the streets. She’s also the executive director of the bankrupt “nonprofit” Eco-Cycle, which only now is subject to a competitive bidding process after 40 years of crooked politics behind the scenes (Suzanne’s twin sister, Elise Jones, is a Boulder County Commissioner):

Will NEVER be invited to visit my tiny house.

3) When I got off of the northbound SKIP bus at Broadway & Canyon earlier to walk over to our Main Library, I saw several transients standing around in the Bandshell, and one was passed out on stage. Always anxious to be of help, I yelled to them: “Get that f***ing drunk out of our Bandshell! Put a boot in his a**!” Satisfied with my good deed, I proceeded on my way to 1001 Arapahoe.

4) Peak 2 Peak Forest Watch now has over 700 members, dedicated to stopping the BUMS from ruining our forests! Compare that to a paltry 181 members for Boulder Rights Watch, the apologists / enablers who support the worst-behaved transients in Boulder County. ROTFL!

5) I enjoy the rains overnight; as I’ve mentioned before, the patter of raindrops on my tarp lulls me to sleep . . .


2 thoughts on “Random stuff 5/10/2017

  1. Renee

    LOL! Thank you for your good deed, Max! I hope the drunk has cleared out of the band shell. I haven’t checked into the Peak 2 Peak Forest Watch site for months now. Since it’s going to be hot and dry weather soon, I’d better get back to it.
    Stay warm!

    1. homelessphilosopher Post author

      You know I left that group almost a year ago because one of the admins objected to my use of the word BUM. She threatened to “86” me if I continued . . .

      That’s sort of like telling 50 Cent or any other gangsta rapper not to use the word NIGGER.

      P2PFW is doing good work, otherwise.


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