FACT: Sexually Violent Predator Christopher Lawyer could stay at Boulder Shelter as long as 9 months


By Max R. Weller

NOTE: This post is intended to correct the misinformation being reported by the news media — which is based on the disingenuous comments made by Greg Harms (executive director) and other staff at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, repeated by the Colorado DOC which is paying BSH $280 per week to house Mr. Lawyer in a so-called parole bed.

It is true that Mr. Lawyer is currently in the 60-day Summer Bed Program, but he is eligible to apply for the First Step / Transition Program which lasts for 9 months (and is sometimes extended for a longer period). BSH staff actively encourages all Summer Bed residents to apply, and notices have been posted inside the facility explaining when to call and schedule an intake appointment.

Copied directly from the BSH website:

Transition Program

Program Goal: Clients have safe, temporary shelter; become more stable, and attain safe, sustainable housing upon exiting the program.

Transition Program residents work closely with Shelter case managers to determine what has led them to homelessness, and what steps they must take to overcome their situation. Transition Program residents must live drug and alcohol free, pay a weekly program fee, and abide by a budget and savings plan.  To qualify for the Transition Program residents must have sustainable income that can be verified and an obtainable transition plan. Program residents have the opportunity to stay in a semi-private dorm room. The year-round transition program has a maximum stay of nine months.

Anyone desiring to enter the Transition Program needs to schedule an intake appointment with a Shelter case manager. Clients currently staying at the Shelter can schedule an appointment by speaking with a staff member. (Emphasis is mine — MRW)

BTW, the Transition Program resident pictured on the website page linked to above is himself a registered sex offender — just like Christopher Lawyer — and there are other rapists and pedophiles staying at Boulder Shelter for 9 months and more:

No longer at BSH, but they thought well enough of him to use his picture. 

Really, folks, for $280 per week (the going weekly rate for Transition Program residents is only $25, which can be waived in exchange for doing extra chores), why wouldn’t this greedy nonprofit want to keep Mr. Lawyer around as long as possible? Greg Harms has already demonstrated that $$$ are more important to BSH than neighborhood safety.

Also see Police increase patrols in north Boulder, detail monitoring of ‘sexually violent predator’ from the Daily Camera.

No surprise, but the roots of corruption run deep in this case: Colorado parole staff concerned well-connected mom tried to help sex offender son from TheDenverChannel.com. Interesting reading, and here’s a picture of Mr. Lawyer and his mom:

Christopher Lawyer’s mother, Dianna Lawyer-Brook, worked as an advocate for the rehabilitation of sex offenders, and was appointed by Gov. John Hickenlooper to a state advisory council alongside the state’s top parole officials.

If an ignorant layman like me can present the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth for the public’s consideration — why can’t the Daily Camera and others in Boulder do so?

BTW, someone named Ben Harding wrote a letter-to-editor of the DC stating, “I don’t recognize the ‘worst behaved transients’ from across America. (Max R. Weller, Open Forum, May 1).” Well, Ben, here are just some of them (please note those who reside at 4869 N. Broadway or 1770 21st St. or who are simply listed as homeless): City of Boulder Registered Sex Offenders.

I rest my case.


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