Another silly Boulderite in love with the varmints . . .


By Max R. Weller

Read the commentary by Paula Stephani in the Daily Camera here: A failure to enforce ordinance protecting prairie dogs. Excerpt copied below:

What is the purpose of having an ordinance to protect this diminishing keystone species if there is no ability to enforce it effectively, and no will to hold the offender accountable?

Well, Paula, prairie dogs are NOT diminishing in Boulder County, CO — which you’d see for yourself if you would only open your eyes. I suggest you take a drive along the Diagonal Highway between Boulder and neighboring Longmont; or, you might check out the area surrounding the old Armory site in north Boulder, for the radius of a few blocks. The plague-carrying varmints are spreading almost as fast as a BUM CAMPFIRE in the local forests.

No predator species today is dependent on prairie dogs, if any ever were, and it’s loss of suitable habitat which threatens foxes, coyotes, hawks, etc. The prairie dog won’t mind burrowing in your front yard, if you permit it. How are we to control its numbers, if not by our own devices?

I can attest to the fact that prairie dogs — which were never around my campsite in north Boulder until a couple of years ago — are now just as numerous as the rabbits (a species I admire and enjoy watching).

BTW, it surpasses my meager understanding why the DC will publish nonsense like Paula’s letter in support of flea-bitten cousins to the inner city sewer rats (which cause us all to recoil in horror), but refuses to print my commentary about the theft of $350 from my locker at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless.

What are the differences, besides the longer tail and bigger ears of the rat?


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