Random stuff 4/12/2017


By Max R. Weller

1) Thanks to Bridge House board member Jay Young, who claimed in a Daily Camera guest opinion published last weekend to be working at Whole Foods Market on Baseline (it closed forever back in February), Ready to Work is again in the spotlight:

That’s Mr. Young on the right; I have no doubt that posing for this photo op was the hardest thing these guys did all day . . .

2) It’s Conference on World Affairs time at CU once again, albeit minus all the media hype of past years.

If you’re one of the penniless, scruffy-looking characters like me who rides the SKIP bus back and forth on Broadway, you’re privileged to rub elbows for this single week with Boulder’s moneyed upper crust. I’ve yet to listen in on any of their conversations that enlightened me to any degree worth mentioning, however.

3) Teen sexting? So-called slut shaming? What a great way for teens with way too much time on their hands to gain attention and shock their peers and authority figures alike . . . Previous generations of PARENTS and SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS would have known how to deal with this nonsense. Why do teenagers require a [dumbass]phone on a 24/7 basis without parental supervision, anyway? Ban these [dumbass]phones from school campuses; any legitimate need to make or receive a phone call during school hours can be taken care of with an old-fashioned landline in the office. Can’t send dirty pictures that way . . .

4) I’m moving away from my longtime spot in the 4900 block of N. Broadway, at least far enough away that I won’t be irritated by the drunkards who have taken it over (most of the time) in the past three or four years. A pox on them and the enablers who support their degraded lifestyle:


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