Longmont trying to crack down on BUMS in city buildings

Read the article from the Times-Call here. Excerpt copied below:

A visitor to a Longmont city building who’s found by the city staff to be possessing illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia faces being suspended from being able to enter that building again for at least 60 days.

Similar 60-day suspensions from re-visiting facilities will be handed out to people the staff finds to be using marijuana or smoking cigarettes inside the Longmont Public Library, the Longmont Museum and Cultural Center, the Civic Center, the St. Vrain Memorial Building, the Longmont Senior Center, the Longmont Recreation Center or any other city buildings.

Those are among a new set of “Standards of Behavior” for people visiting city facilities — rules that City Manager Harold Dominguez approved in February and that the city staff began enforcing in mid-March.

That document says the rules are intended to maintain “an atmosphere of respect, courtesy, welcome and business” inside all Longmont city buildings and facilities as well as the Kanemoto Activity Pool, the Roosevelt Activity Pool and Sunset Pool.


Well, at least city officials in Longmont, CO are trying to do something . . .



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