Random stuff 4/4/2017


By Max R. Weller

1) To write a finish to the theft of $350 from my locker at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless over a week ago, Boulder PD accepted my report in the event that I had homeowner’s insurance that might cover theft from a locker located elsewhere. I’m homeless, of course, and therefore have no such policy. But, law enforcement has nothing to go on in my case and BSH does NOT like to cooperate with police investigations. NO surprise there, because they provide a haven for registered sex offenders from all over the country and there is rampant illegal drug possession, sales, and use on the premises at 4869 N. Broadway. I NEVER wanted to think that there would be at least one thief employed at BSH — and years ago I kept as much as $800 in a coffee jar in my locker without it being burglarized by those who ought to be safeguarding it.

Not when the evildoers know everybody’s combination AND also have a master key.

2) That’s the Bad News . . . The Good News is that I’ve been favored by the generosity of all those goodhearted passersby at the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36, as well as friends from the Dakota Ridge neighborhood. I plan to bury my cash savings at a secret site in the future, because the crooks at BSH will also go through the trash looking for discarded bank statements (true, they couldn’t guess your PIN — but after about three unsuccessful tries, the bank will BLOCK all electronic access to your account).

3) A couple of drunkards were near my campsite overnight, and one of ’em woke up about 3AM yelling because he was covered in 4″ of freshly fallen and very wet snow. It made me laugh, being an old hand at winter camping with only a tarp on top to protect my camping gear. Works as well as a tent, and is much less conspicuous. I figure one more night of these less-than-perfect conditions, then things will be Spring-like once again.

4) Fried chicken from King Soopers in my burrow tonight.


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