Boulder Shelter refuses to investigate theft of $350 from my locker (and police have nothing to go on)


By Max R. Weller

To refresh your memory read Robbed of $350 from my ‘secure’ locker at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, and I suspect a staff member.

This morning, I finally received a hand-delivered letter in response to the written grievance I’d filed last Saturday, the same morning I discovered my money had been stolen. This letter from Chad (no last name given), Assistant Director of Programs, was dated March 27, 2017 — last Monday. This is interesting, because BSH’s big staff meeting always occurs on Tuesday mornings; apparently, a crime like this against a handicapped 61-year-old homeless client (that’s ME) isn’t considered important enough to even make the agenda!

Here’s the body of Chad’s letter to me:

Dear Mr. Weller,

I received your grievance and understand that you believe (empahsis is mine — MRW) that money has been taken from your locker. I am sorry to hear this. The Shelter strives to provide secure storage for residents and it is concerning to hear this report of theft.*

If you feel (again, emphasis is mine) that a crime has been committed at the Shelter, I would strongly suggest that you notify the police immediately. 

Thank you for bringing this to my attention.


(signed) Chad

Assistant Director of Programs

* Nothing at all prevents the Shelter from making a police report based on my grievance, and I’d be happy to assist a detective if only I could believe that the Shelter would be fully cooperative with any criminal investigation. I feel that this is NOT the case, however, and police would be stonewalled just as I’ve been. Thus, I’m NOT inclined to waste law enforcement’s time — Chad and others would only deny knowledge of the crime and no suspect(s) on staff could be identified. This is, of course, CYA by the Shelter.

I’m NOT surprised by the overall condescending tone of the Shelter’s response.

Those of you who are solicited by Boulder Shelter for the Homeless for donations in the future would do well to remember this incident — it’s indicative of corruption that goes straight to the top at this so-called nonprofit. And feel free to mention my name when you refuse to give your $$$ or time to BSH. 

(This post e-mailed to Boulder City Council.)


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