Transients in Boulder, CO are pansies

Of course, REAL BUMS are neither pretty nor do they smell good; but they certainly are weak in the face of any adversity . . .

You should have heard all the whining and crying outside of Boulder Shelter for the Homeless this morning. As I stood there waiting to board the SKIP bus about 7:20AM, the little flowers were in a panic about whether or not Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow would be open tonight. One pothead predicted there would be 10″ of snow and an overnight low temp in the teens. Here’s the actual forecast.

BTW, some clown calling himself Timothy Jones (no doubt an alias, probably one of many) keeps leaving negative comments here on my blog — NONE of which will ever be published. But, I guess the impotent twit feels like a REAL MAN if he can rage in anonymity. ROTFL!

I’m happy to be of service to any transient pansy.



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