Response by one Boulder City Council member to yesterday’s post


By Max R. Weller

See: ‘Sunshine Fire west of Boulder sparked by campfire at apparent transient camp’ which was e-mailed to all nine members of BCC. One of them, who shall remain nameless here, made this reply by e-mail:


I have read all your posts. I am certainly one who has been sitting on my hands. I often agree with what you say, and I definitely agree with this one.

[Name deleted by me — MRW]

Member of City Council

Still waiting for word of the arrest(s) of the knucklehead(s) responsible . . . Whoever it is most likely is still enjoying Free Stuff at all of the many giveaway venues in Boulder, CO:

How about a Free Bus Ticket on RTD bound for Denver and a sack lunch to-go? 


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