Random stuff 3/21/2017


By Max R. Weller

1) See the Daily Camera’s update on the Sunshine Fire: Boulder County lifts evacuations for Sunshine Fire, 100% contained. Excerpt copied below:

Boulder County’s last major wildfire, 2016’s Cold Springs Fire near Nederland, was started by [transients from Alabama] who hadn’t properly extinguished their campfire.

[Area resident Henry] Koren said people starting fires in the area is a problem.

“I’ve caught guys lighting fires up in that area several times,” Koren said. “It’s usually transients, but not always. Sometimes it’s young people.”

Fellow evacuee Fred Moore said foot traffic on trails in the area is “extreme.”

“They’re a lot more accessible now since the flood,” Moore said. “It’s a really heavily trafficked area.”

Moore said that on some nights, transients who might otherwise spend their nights in downtown Boulder along the creek path move up into the foothills.

“There are more people on warm nights, and that adds to the probability that something could go wrong,” Moore said. “I’ve seen people sleeping up there, and I’ve occasionally stepped on a sleeping bag.”

I’ll bet dollars to donuts it’s young transients — a.k.a. Travelers. Perhaps even Travelers with a terroristic agenda.

2) Yes indeed, by the calendar Spring is here. Give a listen to Tom Lehrer’s classic tune here.

3) I now have over $300 saved from the generous passersby at the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36. It’s a comfort to know that I can get on a Greyhound bus at any time and travel FAR AWAY from the Boulder Bubble, if I choose.

4) Most Boulderites conflate style with substance and affectation with achievement. And they’re unable to understand why the outside world points and laughs at us . . .

5) I’m seated here at a computer in George Reynolds Branch Library on Table Mesa, enjoying a couple of bacon/egg/cheese burritos from King Soopers across the street. It gets even better; I’m looking forward to a McDonald’s delivery around noon at my spot in north Boulder.

6) See the commentary in the Times-Call by David A. Bitler: Should you give to a panhandler?

How about treating every single homeless person you encounter as an individual, and using your own good judgment as to whether or not to help? True, the bad actors are high profile and get way more publicity than they deserve, when in fact they comprise no more than 20% of all homeless people (my educated guess, based on years of firsthand experience in several cities).

The last thing I would ever advise is for goodhearted people to divert their attention to helping the homeless shelter / services industry, which operates by the creed More Homeless People = More Money. Don’t believe it? Look at Denver — now in year 11 of its Ten-Year Plan to End Homelessness with more transients on the streets than before!


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