Random stuff 3/17/2017


By Max R. Weller

1) My Viking ancestors founded the City of Dublin, during a pause from pillaging the bog-dwelling inhabitants of Ireland. As the old Danish saying goes, “Irerne kan ikke gøre god spiritus, og de kan ikke holde deres spiritus.”

2) What a hideously ugly design for the New Civic Area bridge installed over Boulder Creek! It looks like a giant cabbage shredder:

3) I’m happy to report that NOT a single refugee from Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow — which is now opening on a weather-dependent basis rather than nightly — showed up in the area of my campsite in north Boulder. The smart thing would have been for this nonprofit and/or the city to hand out tickets on RTD bound for Denver on BOHO’s last night of partying, March 15th. It’s just asking for more trouble to allow a hundred or more of the worst-behaved transients to wander the streets during the overnight hours . . .

4) I bought enough hot fish sandwiches at King Soopers this morning for both breakfast and lunch, along with Kraft brand tartar sauce. I love these things!

5) There are always a FEW normal human beings to be seen here at Boulder’s Main Library, 1001 Arapahoe. True, you have to search for ’em, but they can be found.


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