Rumors flying among local homeless people about Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow


By Max R. Weller

I’ve diligently searched online for confirmation of what I’ve heard recently regarding BOHO but have found nothing in the mainstream media . . . Nevertheless, it all has the ring of truth to it; after all, it was the (subsequently) convicted rapist Jim Budd who founded this nonprofit back in 2009. I’ll briefly run down the rumors below, and I urge you to understand that NONE have been confirmed by anyone at BOHO itself NOR by law enforcement authorities:

1) Several members of staff have recently been fired or resigned. There has also been serious dissension on the board of directors.

2) Embezzlement of funds donated to this organization has now been discovered. Originally, there were mats on the floors of participating churches and a synagogue and food served to clients; the former amenity has disappeared and the latter is hit-or-miss. This has occurred despite grants from the City of Boulder and corporate sponsors, along with the support of many private individuals in the community.

3) The recently fired “formerly” homeless staff member who directed nightly operations has a history of stealing illegal drugs from BOHO’s clients (during “searches” of backpacks and other property) and sexually harassing homeless females who seek shelter there.

4) BOHO will cease operations permanently after this winter season concludes (presumably on May 1st, as Boulder Shelter for the Homeless also ends overnight emergency sheltering then).

5) The City of Boulder will begin running so-called overflow shelters next fall, using school gyms and police officers as staff. I find this rumor very hard to swallow, given the city’s longstanding hands-off approach to homelessness and nonprofits here.

Maybe an airing of these rumors on this blog will prompt the Daily Camera and other news organizations to investigate and report to the public.

Again, this caveat: All of these rumors may be true, some of them may be true but not others, or all of them may be false. At this point, we don’t know — and I would NEVER trust this organization to be forthcoming about anything negative.


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