‘Advocates Announce Denver’s First Tiny Home Village to House the Homeless’


By Max R. Weller

An architectural mock-up of the Beloved Community Village. (Note: There will be only 1 "circ-house," not 3.)

Read the story and watch the video from Westword here.

One thing is certain, you can’t put the worst-behaved transients in this sort of housing . . . For them, about the best you can do is provide overnight emergency shelter in wintertime and soup kitchens year-round, with donated clothing and other necessities handed out to those in need. (Bus tickets back to whatever city the particular “traveler” came from is a necessity, in my view.)

BTW, how come Denver has “advocates” who actually can accomplish something positive, but Boulder has only posers?

(This post has been e-mailed to Boulder City Council.)


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