‘There’s nothing in the middle of the road but a yellow stripe and dead armadillos’


By Max R. Weller

I think the Jim Hightower quote which is the title of today’s post most appropriate, in view of a milquetoast commentary by Todd Root of Boulder appearing in the Daily Camera. Don’t misunderstand, I disagree with Hightower about almost everything political; but, I RESPECT the fact that he’s willing to take a stand . . . BTW, Todd Root works as a “Fleet Technician” for one of the most egregious taxpayers’ money-wasters in our city, Boulder B-Cycle.

Mr. Root

Yes, that’s a Boulder B-Cycle station cleverly taken over by a transient

Here’s the guest opinion, in which Todd Root fails to offer a concrete opinion about anything relating to homelessness. His concluding paragraph is copied below:

I don’t have all the answers — in fact, I’m very skeptical of anyone who thinks they do. We as a city need to study this problem more closely. We need to know how many homeless people we have living here, how many are coming from other places (and why), and what if anything will help them become self-sufficient. We need to get help for those with serious substance abuse problems, even if there is some push-back. We need to think about what we as a community are willing to tolerate, and what we’re not. But more than anything, we need to stop trying to paint such a complex picture with one brush or the other. If indeed we have different homeless people coming from different places and circumstances, shouldn’t we have different approaches in handling them?

Homelessness in Boulder, CO has been studied to death, year after year, as transient numbers continue to increase and transient behavior gets worse and worse — usually, it’s innocent homeless men and women who are victims of these predators — and the millions of dollars spent by various sources both public and private increases.

How many times have the homeless in Boulder been counted? I, for one, refuse to help the worthless shelter / services industry by adding myself to any list for fundraising purposes. Many others feel as I do, so you’re only guessing with any “census” of homeless men, women, and children in Boulder.

Let’s cut to the chase:

Todd, are you truly self-sufficient? I think NOT. Get a job as a clerk at King Soopers — or anything else that’s of value to our community and supports free enterprise — and leave the silly B-Cycle gig behind. Maybe then you could earn enough money to pay for your own food, and stop leeching off Bridge House / Community Table for FREE LUNCHES.

And please, either get a spine or leave the commentary to those of us who have one.

Jim Hightower 


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