Random stuff 3/7/2017


By Max R. Weller

I’d like to thank the Daily Camera and Dave Krieger for permitting me to continue playing the role of SCOURGE to Boulder’s Pollyanna do-gooders and fake homeless advocates; somebody needs to tell the truth about homelessness here . . . See the latest: Homeless abuse disability benefits (only slightly edited to fit the DC’s 300-word limit on letters to the editor).

There were two ambulance calls to Boulder Shelter for the Homeless this morning, one for an older homeless guy who needs the paramedics to transport him to the ER several times a year (seizure disorder). Word has it that he continues to drink alcohol and refuses to take his prescribed meds. Really, why bother with him at this point? Is spending thousands of dollars in taxpayer-subsidized ambulance rides — apparently to no effect — the best use of emergency services?

Have I mentioned more than a few dozen times how much I HATE the wind along the Front Range? I’ve almost been blown over while making my morning walk from the SKIP bus stop on Table Mesa to King Soopers two days in a row now.

I felt some sympathy for this alleged crook until I read the line at the end of the Times-Call report: “In a search of Martinez’s car, police found a meth pipe, which he admitted to smoking from after the Longmont robbery because he said he was upset about what he had done.” See: Longmont robbery suspect told police he needed money for his family. Did he also tell police that he NEVER spent any of the ill-gotten gains on methamphetamine?

Horse manure

I’m looking forward to a McDonald’s delivery to my north Boulder spot this afternoon, courtesy of my friend who has saved all of the gift cards I’ve received to this fine dining establishment, and will use them at my request — both McDonald’s locations in Boulder being far out of my way. Two double cheeseburgers and a large order of fries will certainly hit the spot!

I’m considering hiring one of the homeless Native American women, who will beat the snot out of anyone for a pint of rotgut vodka. BEWARE! All of you drunken old farts who want to turn my neighborhood around N. Broadway & U.S. 36 into your personal playground every summer . . .

Every time you hear another Dem start to whine, just recall the FACTS as laid out in this Washington Post article from last November: These 3 maps show just how dominant Republicans are in America after Tuesday. BTW, nobody gives a rat’s patootie about your silly protests against Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner; my advice to you, my Democrat friends, is to put down the bong and let the fog clear from your brains.


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