Random stuff I used to post on Facebook



By Max R. Weller

1) I enjoyed a trip for lunch yesterday to the McDonald’s on 28th St. here in Boulder, CO with my friend Terzah. Nothing beats a couple of Double Cheeseburgers and a large order of french fries — especially when someone else pays for it — and because it was Fat Tuesday my lunch companion, the distance runner, ordered a Quarter Pounder and large fries for herself. She didn’t quite finish her french fries and I could only find room for one double cheeseburger, so I took these leftovers back to my campsite for supper. A rare treat!

I noticed three bums hanging around; two were inside trying to look like they had legitimate business there and one was panhandling on the sidewalk right next to the drive-thru. The manager of this particular establishment needs to move them along ASAP, or the restaurant will only attract more of the scurvy blighters.

2) I used a $5 King Soopers gift card I received from a passerby at the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36 yesterday to buy two hot breakfast burritos at that grocery store on Table Mesa; I’ve eaten both while sitting here at a computer in George Reynolds Branch Library across the street. Tasty, but at $2.99 each it’s a bit more than I’d generally be willing to pay.

I can report good news: hot fish sandwiches will again be available at this King Soopers during Lent, and on Fridays between 11AM and 7PM they’re priced at 2 / $3 ($1.99 each at other times).

3) I fear that Boulder Shelter for the Homeless will want to take in more refugees from Denver this summer, including homeless men who have been forced out of the Salvation Army Crossroads shelter. Read the report in the Denver Post which I’ve e-mailed to Boulder City Council, once again urging them to stop the influx of transients to our city.

BTW, the Salvation Army has been providing mats on the floor for its overnight guests at Crossroads, which is more than Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow currently does:


See the Denver7 story from January, 2016 here

Makes me wonder just where in blazes the grants given to BOHO have gone. Hmmm?

4) The news media is in a sorry state in 2017. Better to educate the public about checks and balances and the separation of powers, instead of endless coverage of President Trump and the whining and moaning from Dems who utterly failed to offer a good candidate of their own last November.

How many “journalists” could define either one of those phrases above?

That’s all for today . . .


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