‘Salvation Army Crossroads shelter in Denver to be demolished and rebuilt in 2019’

Read the report in the Denver Post here. Excerpt copied below:

The Salvation Army plans to demolish its overcrowded Crossroads Shelter and rebuild in the same location in Denver’s River North Arts District, according to the charity’s Lt. Col. Daniel Starrett.

In the meantime, the nonprofit faces hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs to correct safety violations found during Denver Fire Department inspections of the 80-year-old building.

And that task may be as tough as finding a temporary location for the shelter while the old building is torn down and rebuilt to meet the demands of a homeless population that is growing because of a booming economy, legal marijuana and ease of access to Medicaid, Starrett said.

“The Salvation Army is working with the city to find buildings,” Starrett said, noting that some people are resistant to having the homeless in their midst. “Everybody thinks we should help them, but nobody wants it in their neighborhood.”

An average of 634 men stayed in the shelter each night in December, up from 563 nightly in December 2015, and 441 during the same month of 2014. In December 2013, the month before recreational sales of marijuana became legal in Colorado, the average was 259 men. (Emphasis is mine — MRW)


Really, it’s no mystery that MANY of these homeless men will board an RTD bus for Boulder, and exacerbate the transient problem in our city.

Because Boulder do-gooders operate by the creed More Homeless People = More Money (from both public and private funding sources), they’re probably jumping for joy at this moment.


— MRW 


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