It’s easier to buy hard drugs on the streets than cough syrup at King Soopers (sometimes)



By Max R. Weller

From what I can gather, there seems to be a problem with high school-age kids here in Boulder, CO abusing cough syrup — in the mistaken notion that they can get high. WTF? So, the King Soopers on Table Mesa where I shop, which is not too far away from Fairview High School, has this brilliant policy to “require” photo ID from anyone wanting to purchase a product like this one:


Note that the label clearly states Alcohol Free (not that it matters; I’m 61 years of age).

Read more detailed info on Kroger brand Non-Drowsy Tussin CF here.

Most of the checkers at this store have learned who I am over the years, and no longer pester me to show proof that I’m at least 21, but this morning I had the misfortune to encounter some anal-retentive jerk I’d never seen before who insisted I show him a valid state ID with photo and date of birth. I showed him one from another state, Missouri, because I’ve never bothered to replace the Colorado ID I lost several years ago. (My fingerprint is still in the system here, and all I’d have to do is pay the fee to have my Colorado ID replaced.) BTW, that Missouri ID is one I used to open a bank account back in my home state when I still resided there, and it’s also the one I’ve presented to law enforcement officers here in Colorado. Nobody has objected to its validity until this clown.

Of course, after losing my patience I asked for a store manager to be called. After he also made the ridiculous assertion that my Missouri ID was invalid, he nonetheless permitted me to buy this Alcohol Free cough syrup . . . Strangely enough, I once bought a bottle of the old family recipe, W.L. Weller bourbon, at Liquor Mart here in Boulder without any question at all to my age. Perhaps that would have been a better option for me this morning!

Naturally, I’ll continue to shop at this King Soopers location — now having evened the score by blogging about the experience.


Addendum: Regarding my previous post, I’d love to hear from those who have had negative experiences at Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow (BOHO) in the past. I’ve NEVER stayed there myself, so I need the eyewitness accounts of those who have and lived to regret it. Contact me by e-mail: or simply reply to this post. I will NOT use anyone’s real identity in a future blog about BOHO. 


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