This Boulder nonprofit is a haven for sex offenders from all across America


By Max R. Weller

See for yourself by scrolling through the Boulder Police Sex Offender List With Pictures; note Boulder Shelter’s address of 4869 N. Broadway, Boulder Community Treatment Center’s (B.C.T.C.)* address of 1770 21st St., and those who have no address with a roof and four walls: “Lacks a fixed residence” — “Lives in car” — “Stays along creek” — “Stays at abandoned building” —  “Sleeps at work” — “Central Park.”

Most despicable of all, in my opinion, is the fact that Boulder Shelter for the Homeless receives money from Colorado DOC for providing so-called Parole Beds for these perverts. (This is one reason the Homeless Philosopher prefers to live outdoors year-round, regardless of weather conditions.)

Frankly, I’m still appalled by the arrogant demeanor of the sex offenders here in Boulder, CO. In other cities where I’ve lived, perverts keep a very low profile to avoid having the snot beaten out of them on a regular basis. This guy, who is in the Transition Program at BSH, is an example of what I mean, strutting around that facility every morning like he’s really somebody special:


George Neiser / Sex Assault on a Child 

Of course, I would NEVER advocate vigilantism. However, if I witnessed it, I’d probably forget to report it . . .

*B.C.T.C. works closely with BSH and it almost seems as if there’s a revolving door between the two agencies. There is NO effective treatment for pedophilia, so “treatment” is just another money-making SCAM.

(This blog post is being e-mailed to Boulder City Council.)


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