Same ol’, same ol’ nonsense from the usual suspects


By Max R. Weller

Went to the ER at 48th & Arapahoe this morning to let them check out the nasty skin infection in my groin area, spreading to my thighs and stomach. Even after my shower with Ivory bar soap this morning, the affected areas continued to stink, be red and painful, and “weep” . . . They quickly concluded it was a fungal infection (which could lead to a bacterial infection, too) I most likely picked up in the FILTHY SHOWERS AT BOULDER SHELTER FOR THE HOMELESS — both the nurse and doctor remarked that they see lots of infections from this pesthole. Quick service, I’m happy to report; Nystatin ointment, Sulfamethox / TMP tablets, and Cephalexin capsules were prescribed for me and dispensed at no charge. The latter drug is related to penicillin, which I’m allergic to, but I’ll closely monitor its use for contraindications.

Thank goodness I didn’t have to be admitted, although the food at Foothills Community Hospital is excellent.

For those concerned about how I fared during the past two Arctic-like nights, I must admit to having a small blister from frostbite on my left middle finger.

My birthday is a week from today, and a pass to North Boulder Rec Center so I could shower there would be a great present — but I fully realize it must cost an arm and a leg. Oh, well.

As I walked into the Main Library earlier, after getting off the JUMP bus, I found some weirdo fondling a fern on the 1st Floor. I got on the elevator, seeking privacy in a Men’s Room to apply the ointment, and some pickled idjit was openly guzzling his rotgut vodka in the 2nd Floor restroom. All is right with Boulder Bizarro World today.

That’s all for now; I thing I’ll treat myself to a footlong meatball sandwich from Subway in my neighborhood up north.



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