This is what’s FUBAR:


By Max R. Weller


Elizabeth Fanshier, on the left in this Daily Camera photo from a sob story about the Boulder Homeless Memorial last Friday (12/23/2016), has been in and out of transitional living programs and subsidized housing many, many times in the years I’ve been here (since early 2008). It’s also my understanding, from Ms. Fanshier’s own statements, that she has given birth to six babies — NONE of whom she has custody of NOR does she support them financially.

This is what’s wrong with social services AND the do-gooders running things here in the Boulder Bubble . . .

BTW, I recognized just a few of the names listed with this story, and it’s probably safe to say that most of the nineteen deceased homeless people had no ties to Boulder, CO — except for being here briefly to grab all of the Free Stuff they possibly could.


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