‘Boulder homeless working group holds first meeting’


By Max R. Weller

See the latest sob story from our local do-gooders in the Daily Camera here. Excerpt copied below:

David Defranco plays the guitar on Pearl Street on Wednesday in Boulder. Defranco is currently homeless.

David Defranco plays the guitar on Pearl Street on Wednesday in Boulder. Defranco is currently homeless. (Jeremy Papasso / Staff Photographer)

Boulder has about 500 homeless people at any given moment, although it’s difficult to come up with a definitive number because of the inherent difficulties in tracking a population with no fixed address.

“It’s probably more,” said Wendy Schwartz, a human services planning and program development manager for the city. “There is an annual count because it’s a requirement with (Housing and Urban Development).”

Regardless of how many homeless people call Boulder home or are just passing through, providing them with food, shelter and, hopefully, a path toward permanent housing is a large task split between government and nonprofit organizations.

A mix of those entities, the homeless working group was empaneled to provide guidance to the Boulder City Council on issues related to the homeless population in the city. It convened for the first time on Wednesday afternoon inside a small conference room at the back of the West Senior Center.

“We really want a good action plan for how we make the emergency services we provide to be as effective and efficient as possible,” Schwartz told the Daily Camera after the meeting.

My reaction? More BS! What needs to be done is to require valid photo ID showing a Boulder County address and proof of residency for at least one year to be eligible for shelter / services here. A grace period could be granted for replacing lost ID, and transients could be given bus tickets back home (much cheaper in the long run).

As the corrupt system stands now, More Homeless People = More Money for the nonprofits, so local taxpayers and kindhearted citizens are supporting the likes of Alabama transients who started the Cold Springs Fire earlier this year. I’m sorry, but this is phony compassion designed to make bleeding heart liberals Feel Good about themselves. THEY SHOULD BE ASHAMED!

It will come as no surprise to friends and acquaintances of the Homeless Philosopher, who has blogged about homelessness in Boulder, CO since September of 2009, that he was NOT invited to attend this meeting. Differing opinions are NEVER welcomed by the do-gooders here.


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