Alcoholic child molester ALERT for Dakota Ridge neighborhood


By Max R. Weller


This character has a long history of hanging around the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36, typically in the company of other drunken panhandlers with criminal records, and he has now returned after several months spent in Boulder County Jail for failing to renew his sex offender registration with Boulder PD earlier this year. In fact, his information is NOT currently on the website (as I scanned through its alphabetical listing just now): SexOffenderListWithPictures.

I ran into this pickled idjit as I was leaving my north Boulder neighborhood, after playing the role of humble beggar for an hour or so right before noon. Mr. Gibson was in the company of the chief enabler of the scurvy crew of BUMS who enjoy trashing the area — acting crazy, passing out drunk in full view of the public, urinating and defecating on landscaped property belonging to the Dakota Ridge HOA, etc. — which has required many calls to 9-1-1 for the city police, county deputies, and/or paramedics over the past few years. I told him it’s NOT going back to the way it was; I’d love to stop it myself if necessary, but my friends in this part of Boulder need to do their part and call law enforcement as the need arises.

Gibson is truly a guy who belongs in Boulder Manor Progressive Care Center, given his age and advanced case of Wet Brain.


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